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Who We Are?

CSI Professionals provides expert counsel in the field of US immigration and employment for over 28 years.

We specialize in employment-based visa petitions:

J-1, F-1 (CPT & OPT), H-3, H-1B & Labor Certifications involving EB-3 & EB-2. 


What Is Employment-Based Petition?

Petitioned by the employer, a foreign candidate with advanced degree is able to pursue with employment-based change of status and proceed to Green Card later on.


These employement-based (EB) categories include:

→     First Preference (EB-1)

→     Second Preference (EB-2)

→     Third Preference (EB-3)

→     Fourth and Fifth Preference (EB-4 & EB-5)

With CSI PROFESSIONALS and our trusted companies, we sponsor above average international candidates towards fulfilling their American Dream!

Marge Ordiales | Vice President 

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To deliver good and deliver sincerely with GraceGrit, and Gratitude.

Marge Ordiales | Vice President


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