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 Create Job Opportunities


Let CSI Professionals Work for You!

No more mountains of resumes to go through! No more hours wasted interviewing non-qualified applicants!


CSI has applicants who are thoroughly screened before being sent for interviews, ensuring that they are qualified, skilled and perfectly matched for the position.

No more hassles! CSI would act as an independent contractor and offer its commitment of quality and professionalism unparalleled by other agencies.  We meet our applicants in person, not just a random and mass interview of applicants.  We guarantee that we know our applicants, and are familiar with each strength and weakness.

Now, avail of temporary staffing, for the most specialized skill, such as computer consultants or engineers, to the most general, such as clerical or receptionists.  Or when you require additional manpower to supplement your own. Or when you have a last minute project that needs to be done ASAP.

Partner with Us!



We Are With You, All The Way!
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