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Who We Are


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Held 450+ Employment and Immigration Seminars &

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Who We Are?

CSI Professionals, Inc. is one of the premier employment agencies in Southern California today, blazing a trail of revitalization and rebirth in an industry that has long been dominated and monopolized by impersonal bigwigs.  CSI has provided employment to California job seekers for nearly 30 years. 

After our initial start in Chicago, Illinois in 1993 we shot off with a bang in a celebratory occasion in September 1995 in Los Angeles. This immediately made an impression of a renaissance character not found in most agencies.  The distinctive mark of CSI was its return to the tradition of a personal touch in customer service.  In a time of answering machines, rude receptionists, and the warehouse treatment, CSI provided service that treats each client as professionals but are given personal and reliable assistance.

The Industry...

CSI Professionals provides legal and expert counsel in the field of immigration and employment in the United States. We hire for our companies, our partners and affiliate companies. Our partner companies work in manufacturing industry, legal counsel in medical injury cases. 

We have a trusted relationship with our partner companies since our start 27 years ago and counting. Our partner companies are located within a 15 mile radius in Los Angeles county – City of Commerce and Downtown Los Angeles.

This gives us the opportunity to work with and employ people from various backgrounds – accounting, administration, data analytics and web development, IT, communications, marketing, customer service and inventory.

CSI Professionals's Office and Training Building


We Are With You, All The Way!
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