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Different Visa Categories


What is a U.S. Visa?

A citizen from a foreign nation can enter the United States is required to obtain a U.S. visa, which is an endorsement placed in the traveler's passport, a travel document provided by the traveler's country of citizenship.

Some foreign visitors may be qualified to visit the United Sates without a visa if they fulfull the criteria for visa-free travel.

Your Visa Options to Start!

Common visa types are for tourist, student, work and transit visas.


B-2 Visa: Tourist/Visitor
Unless you are eligible to enter the United States under the Visa Waiver Program, foreign nationals visiting the U.S. for tourism need a visitor visa (B-2). A brief trip for tourism may be taken for a vacation, to see family and friends, or to receive medical attention.
  • Online Non-immigrant Visa Application - Form DS-160
  • 6 months (+ 6 months for extension)


J-1 Visa: Professional Exchange Program

A nonimmigrant visa category for those who have been given permission to take part in exchange visitor programs based on employment and education. You must be entering the country as a student, scholar, trainee, intern, au pair, teacher, professor, research assistant, medical graduate, or foreign tourist in order to be eligible for a J-1 exchange visitor visa.


  • Bachelor's Degree + Work Experience

  • Sponsorship from Accredited US Company


  • Up to 18 Months (Note: you can apply other visa applications options LC, EB-2/EB-3, H-1B or GC)

H-3 Visa: Nonimmigrant Trainee

Foreign nationals may enter the country temporarily as one of the following under the H-3 nonimmigrant visa category:

  • Trainee to acquire training in a field of study that is not offered in the 

noncitizen's home country, with the exception of graduate medical education or training.​

  • Special Education Exchange Visitor to take part in a program that offers hands-on training and experience in the education of children with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities.


  • Must be invited by an individual or organization for the purpose of recieving training.


  • 18 to 24 Months

H-1B Visa: Speciality Occupation

A temporary nonimmigrant visa category that enables firms to petition for highly educated foreign experts to work in "specially occupations". Designed for foreign workers


  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent professional experience


  • 3 Years at a time (extendable)

F-1 Visa: Academic Student

A non-immigrant visa that enables foreign students to enter the country and attend universities that are approved by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). This includes colleges, universities, seminaries, conservatories, academic high schools, elementary schools, or other academic institutions.


  • Bachelor's Degree/Master's Degree

Curriculum Pratical Training (CPT)

  • Pre-Graduation

  • School Credits

  • Process:

    • Secure an offer

    • Inform your DSO

    • DSO gives you permission

    • On board

  • Position is fixed

Optional Pratical Training (OPT)

  • Pre OPT + Post OPT = 12 Months

  • Process:

    • Filling to USCIS

    • Wait until get EAD

    • Able to start the Job


  • 24 months extension

Visa Status Flowchart

Change of Visa Status Flowchart

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