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US-based consultancy firm expands to Philippines, launches CSR initiative

By: Context.Ph February 15, 2024

CSI Professionals, a US-based employment and immigration consultancy firm led by Marge Ordiales-Martinez, is establishing an office in the Philippines as part of its global expansion plans, highlighting the move with the official launch of its corporate social responsibility arm CSI-MHO Global Foundation Inc.

Ordiales-Martinez, who migrated to the US in the 1990s to pursue the American dream, said the expansion to the Philippines and the launch of the CSI-MHO foundation was meant to “give back to the community after being able to exist in the industry for more than three decades now.”

The foundation, which was formed last September, is dedicated to advancing the well-being of children and their families through, among others, scholarship grants, financial aids, and medical assistance. “We envisioned a foundation that could transcend borders and address the diverse needs of children and families worldwide…with the ultimate goal of creating a brighter and more equitable

future for generations to come,” Ordiales-Martinez said.

Initially, CSI-MHO Global Foundation has tied up with St. Scholastica’s College and St. Dominic College of Asia for the first batch of scholars, including elementary and high school students. It is also talking with Manila’s Night School for underprivileged but deserving candidates who want to complete their education. 

“We are still firming up the specific number of scholars and we have yet to determine the fund allocations as these will depend on our fund-raising initiatives,” she said.

The foundation has also engaged St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the US for the treatment of sick children.


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