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An Afternoon With the CSI Professionals Team

Yesterday, CSI Professionals Inc. hosted an engaging press conference, primarily centered around our outstanding services for the immigrant community. Within this context, a spontaneous celebration unfolded, recognizing the company's remarkable 30-year journey marked by our unwavering dedication and service excellence. We presented our recent 30th Anniversary Celebration, reflecting on our decades of service, the upcoming Manila expansion, and the launch of the CSI-MHO Global Foundation. The leadership team, visibly enthusiastic, shared insights into CSI's rich history, emphasizing the enduring heart and purpose that have been pivotal to our success.

Our dedication and passion for supporting immigrant communities took center stage as we reflected on the impact of three decades of service. The CSI team spoke passionately about the personal commitment each member of CSI brings to the table, fostering a culture where every client is not just a case but an individual with dreams and aspirations. This commitment was not merely a part of our journey but a guiding principle embedded in the fabric of CSI, driving us to go above and beyond in ensuring the success and well-being of those we serve.

While the primary focus remained on our exemplary services, the event also shed light on future endeavors. The announcement of plans to establish offices in Manila showcased CSI's strategic vision for global expansion, reinforcing our commitment to providing top-notch services to a broader audience.

Additionally, the introduction of the CSI-MHO Global Foundation added an exciting dimension, highlighting our dedication to making a positive impact beyond employment and immigration services. In essence, the press conference seamlessly blended a reflection on 30 years of dedication with a forward-looking commitment to service excellence and community outreach.

Marge Ordiales Donnabelle L. Gatdula  Rene Sales Martinez Katherine Bunyi Gavia Anamika Sangwan 

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