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Today, we honor the spirit of freedom that defines us as Filipinos. The 126th anniversary of Philippine Independence is not just a historical event; it’s a testament to the courage and determination of our ancestors.

For us Filipino-Americans, this journey enriches our identity, blending the rich heritage of our homeland with the diverse opportunities of our new country. At CSI Professionals, led by our remarkable President and CEO Marge Ordiales-Martinez, we proudly embrace this dual heritage.

Our dedication extends beyond professional services through the CSI-MHO Global Foundation, reflecting the bayanihan spirit—community unity and cooperation—that is at the heart of our culture.

On this special day, we take pride in our heritage and the freedoms we cherish. At CSI Professionals, we honor this legacy by serving and uplifting our kababayans, embodying the true spirit of being Filipino, both at home and abroad.

Let's celebrate the hard work and sacrifices of Filipino-Americans, bringing pride to our heritage and contributing to our communities. Together, we move forward, united in our pursuit of excellence, with hearts full of Pinoy pride!


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