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Who We Are?

Founded in 1993, CSI Professionals is on of the premier employment agencies in Southern California. We empower individuals and businesses through expert immigration services and innovative solutions. Our client-centric approach and cutting-edge technology ensure exceptional service and seamless experiences.

As a trusted agency, we provide legal and expert counsel in the field of immigration and employment in the United States, hiring for our partnered companies, connecting top talents with leading organizations.

CSI Professionals Inc. guides you through every step of your immigration and employment journey, offering tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Committed to excellence, we help you navigate complexities, seize global opportunities, and achieve your goals.


What We do?

Travel Agency

Visa Assistance

CSI Professionals provides consular services for immigrant individuals in the United States. Our experts  can help you on your visa adjustments, job sponsorships, green card, and citizenship applications.


We offer FREE  initial legal documentation reviews and background assessments, and seminars. 

Start your American Dream now!

We offer various career opportunities for different applicants with different backgrounds and skills. CSI Professionals had been partnered with distinct industry types focusing mainly, but not limited to, manufacturing, law and legal counsel, health and medical injuries, and more.


CSI Professionals had also partnered and continues to be part in different career events in numerous known colleges and universities in Southern California. We provide students with outmost knowledge and understanding of the US Workforce.

Meeting Between Colleagues

Job Placement

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Meet the She-EO!

Ms. Marge #3 (1).png

Since 1993, Ms. Marge Ordiales-Martinez has guided her team in offering training and placement services to individuals from diverse backgrounds in Southern California.


CSI Professionals has a strong reputation for its expertise in work-based petitions, emphasizing that both employment and immigration are processes rather than quick goals.


Our commitment to diversity distinguishes us as we help both domestic and international candidates explore job opportunities in the United States.


We specialize in immigration and employment issues, collaborating closely with partner companies in various sectors.

Her contributions to the Filipino-American community have been recognized with several prestigious awards, including the 'Woman of the Year' on the 118th Philippine Independence Day and the esteemed Kalayaan Award, the highest honor for a Filipino-American woman community leader in Los Angeles County.


Our She-EO is dedicated to mentoring the next generation of leaders, inspiring them to pursue their passions and advocate for their goals.


Her mission transcends financial success, focusing instead on serving with integrity, passion, and a steadfast commitment.

Meet the She-EO!

The Woman Behind It All.

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