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US-based foundation sets foot in Manila

By: Donnabelle L. Gatdula AJPress-AsianJournal (February 21, 2024)

Marge Ordiales-Martinez, CEO and founder of CSI Professionals, at a press conference in Manila announcing its affiliate, CSI-MHO Global Foundation Inc. (CMGFI).

A FILIPINO American-owned immigration and employment agency has launched its foundation in Manila.

CSI Professionals Inc., a premier consultancy agency that deals with U.S. immigration and employment based in Southern California, has successfully conducted the pre-launch of its affiliate, CSI-MHO Global Foundation Inc. (CMGFI).

In a press conference on February 15 to announce the formal launching of CSI-MHO Global Foundation in September, Marge Ordiales-Martinez, CER and founder of CSI Professionals, said she is so excited to be able to give back to the community.

"I am overwhelmed by the positive response I am getting from potential partners and beneficiaries of our foundation," said Martinez, the chairperson of CMGFI.

CMGFI, a non-stock, non-profit organization, was formed on September 2023, coinciding with CSI Professionals' celebration of its 30th anniversary.

As part of the pre-launch of the CMGFI, a team from CSI Professionals conducted a courtesy visits to St. Scholastica's College and St. Dominic College of Asia (SDCA).

Both institutions were very close to the heart of Martinez as St. Scholastica is her alma mater while SDCA is owned by a former long-time family business partner. SDCA chairman of the board Dr. Marita Andaman-Rillo is a very good friend of Dr. Norma Huvilla-Ordiales, whose life's dedication as a doctor of medicine specializing in children became the inspiration of Martinez in putting up the foundation. CMGF will initially focus on projects, which will help sick children and sending poor but deserving children to school.

The pre-launch event, held at Berjaya Hotel in Makati City, was well attended by leading print and inline reporters as well as news agencies. Representatives from partner companies were also present during the pre-launch, including SDCA and the Asian Journal.

"This is high time for us to give back to the community after being able to exist in the industry for more than three decades now," Martinez said, adding, that, "The foundation is dedicated to advancing the well-being of children and their families on a global scale."

For her part, Dr. Rillo said though still in early talks, SDBA is grateful that they are being considered to be part of the CMGFI's humanitarian initiatives in the Philippines.

Martinez, on the other hand, added that the CMGFI embodies a commitment to community service and philanthropy. "Motivated by our deep-seated desire to give back to the global community, we envisioned a foundation that could transcend borders and address the diverse needs of children and families worldwide," she stressed.

The CSI Professionals head likewise said that the foundation will be able to operate as a beacon of compassion, striving to elevate the well-being of vulnerable populations globally.

The foundation's launch is also consistent with CSI's plan to expand its operation in the Philippine market.

"In addition to its local initiatives, the foundation is poised to extend its reach to the Philippines, aligning its goals with the upcoming expansion of CSI Professionals," she said.

Martinez's vision for the foundation encompasses not only providing scholarships and financial aid but also fostering scientific and medical advancements through strategic fundraising initiatives.

"The essence of the CSI-MHO Global Foundation lies in its commitment to serving children and families all over the world," she added.

She said she believes in "extending our reach to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need, embodying the spirit of global citizenship."

Her unwavering dedication to social responsibility underscores the foundation's role as a catalyst for positive change, with the ultimate goal of creating a brighter and more equitable future for generations to come.

During the inaugural year, the CMGFI successfully conducted fundraising initiatives for St. Scholastica, Manila's Night School and contributed to the noble cause of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

"These endeavors exemplify our dedication to making a meaningful impact from the outset," she said.

The foundation also orchestrates strategic fundraising activities to support various endeavors aimed at fostering the growth and improvement of youth worldwide.

"Our primary focus encompasses the establishment of scholarships and financial aid programs and the facilitation of fundraising efforts to advance scientific and medical research," she said. "Through these endeavors, we aspire to create lasting impact and contribute to the overall betterment of communities."

At present, CSI specialized in employment-based visa petitions: J-1, F-1 (CPT and OPT), H-3, H-1b and Labor Certifications involving EB-3 and EB-2. With these employment-based petitions, international applicants with advanced degrees are able to pursue an employment-based change of status and proceed to become a permanent resident.

CSI initially started its operation in Chicago, Illinois in 1993, providing legal expert counsel in the field of immigration and employment.

In September 1995, the company put up a Loas Angeles branch. Its headquarters, where it serves as its corporate office and training facility, is located in Glendale, California.

CSI's partner/affiliate companies are in the field of manufacturing; legal entities specializing in medical and personal injury cases; real estate and corporate law; commercial and real estate property management; information technology, construction, and artificial intelligence.


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