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Steps after H1B Registration & What happens if you don’t make it?

The H1B registration process is an essential step for foreign candidates who wish to work in the United States temporarily. The USCIS H1B program allows U.S. employers to hire foreign workers in specialty occupations (USCIS, 2023). Every year, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) holds a registration period to select applicants for the program. The H1B registration process is challenging and overwhelming. Registered applicants must be picked in the H1B Lottery Selection to proceed to the next steps.

At CSI Professionals, for the first-time applicants or even for the applicants who have tried for several years, despite knowing that it is a game of chance or luck, we always believe in trying than not having tried at all. Check out what percent of our H1B applicants were selected in the lottery and what was our approval rate in our article "The Great Anticipation - H1B Registration 2023" (CSI, 2023). For this year's H1B applicants, we had all the backups ready as early as last quarter.

Irrespective of whether an applicant has been selected, we ensure to provide our clients with the highest level of service and support throughout the immigration process. After the H1B registration period ends, we amend the following steps to assist our clients who have registered for the H1B program -

  1. Notification of Selection - For selected candidates, we notify applicants upon receipt of notice of selection from the USCIS H1B program. We also keep track of your status and ensure that your documents are up to date.

  2. Exploring Other Options - For non-selected candidates, we discuss the other options for change of status, such as from J1- Professional Training, H3- Specific & Other Training, F1- International Students' Status, and Green Card (Labor Cert through EB3 & EB2). Our team of immigration experts will provide you with the information and guidance you need to make informed decisions about your immigration status.

  3. Individual Consults - We conduct individual consults with clients to ensure that all the questions are answered, and they have a clear understanding of the following steps and the entire process.

  4. Information Sessions - We hold information sessions to provide clients with information about the immigration process and their options. Since 1993, we are committed to assisting our clients in all the ways we can.

However, what happens to applicants not picked by USCIS in the first H1B Lottery Selection round? The current year's surge in H1B visa applications, coupled with the impact of the pandemic, has made it increasingly challenging for aspiring candidates to secure a spot in the pipeline of selected candidates. Then, what steps do the CSI Team amends to significantly strengthen the chances of approval for H1B applicants? How do we, as a company, have an approval rate of 90% for H1B registrations filed during F.Y. 2021-2022?

Firstly, as experts in the Job Placement & Visa assistance industry, we remember that not being selected does not mean being denied. It simply means that the applicant was not selected for this fiscal year, but the applicant can still try again for the next fiscal year. Even before registrations, we are prepared with the backup. And it's not just about us; we even prepare our H1B clients. Though, until we receive a notice that says "returned" or "not selected," we recommend waiting for the USCIS to send an official notice regarding your application status.

Secondly, we emphasize the need for exceptional talents and unique/specialized backgrounds in the H1B application process. We meticulously highlight the applicant's skills and qualifications, showcasing their technical expertise that benefits the employer and the U.S. economy.

Third, our Team constantly monitors the progress of cases and statuses, ensuring that the applicants are informed about their H1B application progress. In addition, we also educate applicants about other options, such as pursuing professional and specialized training, higher education degrees like a Master or Ph.D., or even applying for a Green Card based on their qualifications.

Fourth, ensuring that the degrees and qualifications of the applicants are supported with detailed certificates of employment, showcasing the applicant's work experience and expertise is also another important practice followed by our Team. We align with industry practices and standards in hiring employees with bachelor’s degrees or higher, providing substantial evidence to the govt. that the foreign candidate would be an essential employee who will contribute greatly to the company without displacing local hires.

What happens if Employers Are Unable to Pursue the Beneficiary's Application for many reasons, such as lay-offs, downsizing, and beneficiaries' poor evaluation? Regrettably, we're in a challenging period in the United States; the Recession is swaying job opportunities & testing applicants' resilience. Check out our article "Recession and Its Effects: How To Beat The Odds In Employment and Immigration" to know more. However, as previously stated, H1B visas are company-specific; If the petitioner is unable to proceed or decides to end the application, it is stopped and revoked. You may, however, attempt to port and transfer the granted petition to another qualifying company within a reasonable amount of time as permitted by USCIS, provided it is decided amicably by both the employer and the beneficiary. Remember that the new application is still subject to the USCIS adjudication procedure and could be approved, denied, or require more proof. To ensure that both employers and beneficiaries' needs are addressed, CSI has consistently kept an eye on beneficiaries' performances and upheld positive relationships with companies.

Furthermore, apart from the above steps, we also focus on uplifting the applicants' mindset, spirit, and emotional preparedness in dealing with the uncertainties and challenges of the H1B visa application process. With honesty & gratitude, & 30 years of assistance for H1B applicants, we're proud to say that our presence and guidance prepare the applicants for a resilient approach & positive attitude to get closer to their American Dream. Overall, our expertise & shadow provide hope and encouragement to our H1B applicants, helping them navigate through the complex immigration process with confidence.

But, what happens if we see "Returned" or "non-selected" status for a candidate? By then, our Team had already reviewed, discussed & filed for either of the other choices for changing status, including J1- Professional Training, H3- Specific & Other Training, F1- International Students' Status (CPT / OPT), and Green Card (Labor Cert through EB3 & EB2). Therefore, it's never a dead end with us. Some applicants opt to change their status to J1 Visa because of its requirements. One of our J1 approval clients completed a bachelor's in Marketing and had two years of experience in Administration. For applicants who choose to change their status to F1 Visa, our experts' Team recommends the best universities that fit their budget. However, most clients start their application for the EB-3 and EB-2 Green Card programs.

Hence, if you’ve filed for an H1b visa with us, be rest assured, you’re getting closer to your American dream. In regard to the same, CSI Professionals Team is hosting an In-person Seminar on “2023 Employment and Immigration Policies” from 3:00pm to 4:30pm on May 4th, 2023 (Thursday) and on May 5th (Friday). We cordially extend our invitation to all the registered applicants. All the concerns or upcoming steps wrt your application will be addressed. For applicants, who’re yet to get in touch with us, or looking to change their status, contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you get closer to your American Dream.


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