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CSI Professionals Inc. | 2023 EMPLOYMENT & IMMIGRATION POLICIES Seminar

Happy New Lunar Year 2023, everyone!

Here is a recorded session of our seminar. Feel free to jot some notes on some parts of the seminar that you missed out.

Missed our previous seminar? Contact us now!

Seminar Speakers:

‣ Marge Ordiales (Vice President)

‣ Yinjie Zhai (Marketing Head)

‣ Anamika Sangwan (Senior MIS/Data Analyst)

‣ Miguel Sapalo (Junior MIS/Data Analyst)

CSI Professionals Inc. provides expert counsel in the field of US immigration and employment for over 28 years. We specialize in employment-based visa petitions: J-1, F-1 (CPT & OPT), H-3, H-1B & Labor Certifications involving EB-3 & EB-2.

You can view our current job listing here:

If you have any questions, feel free to email ( or call (+1 818-476-0082). One of our representatives will get in touch with you.

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